Car Park Heroes – Man Without Machines interview

The third band on stage on Thursday night at Dexter’s will be Man Without Machines.

The band was started essentially as a solo project by Adam Lockhart but the live shows are played by a full band with Adam joined by Val Campbell (synth), Andrew Mitchell (bass & synth) and Michael Benbow (drums).

Ahead of Thursday’s show, Adam took some time to address some of MPT’s questions.

MPT – If they don’t know you already, what can the Dundee audience expect from you live?

AL – Fast paced electro-indie, I hope. It sounds a bit different from the recordings, mainly because the drums are live, where the recordings are programmed drums. I think it’s always interesting to hear things a bit differently live, a bit more raw and edgy.

MPT – What are you/the band up to at the moment? Are there any recordings in the pipeline?

AL –  I started on my own recording a MWM album, which is now finished. I re-recorded some of the bass with Andrew and then did the final production work with Paul Savage at Chem19 studios near Glasgow. So now we are in the process of trying to get it out and, of course, play more live shows.

MPT – I believe you’ve not played many gigs before now – what’s been the most memorable?

AL – We’ve mainly been playing at art related events, so some people might not have noticed us who aren’t involved in that scene. One of the most memorable was last November playing in the car park at Greenmarket in Dundee. It was freezing cold and the sound was reflecting all over the place, but it was a great show and a lot people braved the cold to stay and watch.

I play in another band called Spare Snare, which takes up a bit of time too; Andrew plays with the Electric Soft Parade and The Hazey Janes; Michael also plays in a Beatles covers band called Revolver.

MPT – Man Without Machines – good or bad? Please discuss!

AL – That depends on whether you mean ‘bad’ in a Michael Jackson sense or not. I assume you mean the name. I quite like it, it was taken from the title of a 1960s book about primitive tribes. There’s also a nod towards Krafwerk there too.

MPT –  What sorts of things are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been quite into 1960s soundtrack stuff recently, like John Barry, Ron Grainer and the like. Also more recent stuff I’ve been listening to over the last few days – Soundcarriers, Cutcopy, School of Seven Bells. I dug out my old Pavement albums out the other day too – great band, not appreciated enough.

Man Without Machines are supporting Edinburgh School for the Deaf at Dexter’s  in Dundee on Thursday with the Shithawks and Hookers for Jesus  also on the bill. You can get tickets for the show in advance here or in Groucho’s and in the process save yourselves a few pennies cos they’ll cost a fiver on the night. Doors at 7:30 pm.

A video from the aforementioned car park gig!