Some belated reflections on last Thursday.

Are bands necessarily the best people to judge their own performances? I ask the question after watching Edinburgh School for the Deaf, once again, blow away Dexter’s in Dundee on Thursday night. Yet afterwards the majority of the band appeared to be VERY unsatisfied with their performance.

As I saw it, this was another exhilarating performance. Unlike in Edinburgh there was a fairly clean sound which brought out the contrast between the quieter and noisier parts of ‘Love Is Terminal’. And yet that clarity only emphasised the intense squalls of feedback when they came. Beauty and the beast for sure.

But the band saw it differently and most weren’t happy. But part of the attraction of ESFTD to me is that, at times, they follow that age old rock’n’roll tradition of teetering on the brink of chaos without actually falling. Maybe they’re too close to it for their own liking but the rest of us seem to love it.

I didn’t know much about Man Without Machines beyond the tracks on their Myspace. Unfortunately they were reduced to a 3 piece for the show on Thursday as their bass player was elsewhere and whilst that might have robbed them of a bottom end, it left a little more room for Adam’s guitar. I really enjoyed them and am looking forward to a) seeing them again, and b) hearing the LP when it’s out.

By all rights I should have missed Hookers for Jesus completely but the show was running late by the time of my arrival and in the end I caught most of Andy and Graeme’s set. More varied than their last show (I’d swear one song was just voice and acoustic guitar) there are real definite filmic tendencies emerging in some of the backing. They definitely sound like a band who are findig their feet.

Apologies to the Shithawks but two earlier commitments (family/work) meant I had no chance of seeing the. By all accounts though they went down well and hopefully I’ll catch them before too long.

Another show to add to the backlog of photos to sort! Some time this month, hopefully.