OK, where now? What about the Young Spooks who released their сдавайся нам EP a couple of weeks back?

The only regret of the Meursault/ESFTD evening was that we missed Young Spooks. With the benefit of hindsight we could have seen both Young Spooks and Beerjacket but you live and learn. I had, however bought the EP, and getting to finally listen to it has only increased the disappointment of missing them perform.

To be honest I was starting to get my Spooks confused. Having heard what I thought was the Young Spooks single, I was surprised that it seemed to be a nice pop single with a female singer. Think it might have been Spook School. The Young Spooks are NOT pop. сдавайся нам is not a pop record.

Remember how Sumner and Hook said originally that they hated what Martin Hannet did with the songs on ‘Unknown Pleasures’? Well, сдавайся нам is perhaps what Joy Division might have sounded like without Hannet. But channelling ‘Unknown Pleasures’ (particularly Hookey’s bass) is far from the whole story – there’s that raw energy certainly, particularly on ‘Borjomi’ and ‘Das Fan’. But there’s a lot of drama going on too. ‘Himnusz’ meanwhile is a more atmospheric tune and that’s important – it’s not pop but there are tunes.

It all sounds like it could be a brilliant chaos live. There’s  a chance to find out if that’s true at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on 26th July. In the meantime do yourself a favour and get the EP from their Bandcamp complete with free Spooklet if you’re quick.

Here’s a performance of the whole EP plus another song from the Edinburgh School of Art degree show in June: