Kid Canaveral @ Avalanche

Kid Canaveral – In store appearance, Avalanche Records, Edinburgh – 23rd July 2011

OK, the aim of the next couple of hundred words has to be to communicate  just how much fun this was. The photographs kind of make that point. I had originally intended using just a few of the best but putting them all together seemed to capture the smiles and the laughs – and just from the stage, never mind the audience.

Because there’s no better way to catch Kid Canaveral live than in such an intimate setting where there’s almost as much audience interaction as music. That’s an exaggeration of course, at 45 minutes this was pretty much a normal Kid C show, but it’s the banter that lifts a show where there’s so much … light!

So safe in the knowledge that he’s amongst friends David can hold court so that any tuning interludes are nearly as much fun as the music.

As for the music, you should of course be familiar with that by now, and even with no sound check, Kid C still sound great up close.

The set is drawn entirely from the vinyl (re)issue with both ‘Cursing Your Apples’ and the under used ‘Quiet Things Are Quiet Now’ getting rare outings. The only non LP track ‘Missionary’ of course qualifies as it’s on the ‘And Another Thing!!’ single which has been issued to promote the LP.

And yet, good as the band were, they were very nearly upstaged. As a non-licensed show a number of fans (including this one) brought the family along but it was the youngest kid present who nearly stole the show. Young Baby Canaveral (Scott’s wee girl), resplendent in Kid (C?) acoustic protectors, spent most of the set bopping along – with mum’s assistance of course. Which clearly tickled David for much of the set whilst Kate nearly didn’t start ‘Quiet Things’ when Baby C got a bit upset.

So all in all, Saturday evening was great fun and kudos to Kevin at Avalanche for another fine in-store.

Kid C played –

1. Good Morning reprise/Good Morning  2. Left and Right  3. Smash Hits  4. Cursing Your Apples  5. Her Hair Hangs Down  6. And Another Thing!!  7. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  8. Quieter Things Are Quieter Now  9. Missionary  10. Couldn’t Dance

More photos from the show here.

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