Pleasant trip to St Andrews this afternoon to catch an acoustic Cancel The Astronauts as part of the Inside Out street festival. Whilst the acoustic nature of the set was publicised in advance there were still a few surprises in store – a 3 piece line up (drummer Chris joining Matthew and Kieran), the three members all signing autographs at the end for young fans and 3(!) more new songs after the epic set at the Woodside last month.

I always reckon that a mark of good songwriting is being able to play the songs in an acoustic setting even if the preferred arrangement is a little more complicated. So for a band that normally relies heavily on keyboards and electric guitars, this sort of set seemed like it might be something of a challenge. Not a bit of it. Whilst the 3 members present all reckoned that they can get better at presenting the songs in this format, they carried this show off with a bit to spare. OK, so there was no ‘Let’s Go Expo’ but the likes of ‘Intervention’ and ‘She Said She Loves Somebody Else’ were both done justice with this setup.

As mentioned at the top there were three new songs played which I’d not heard before and on first listen they sound well up to scratch. Even if ‘Promises of Strangers’ probably doesn’t sound quite as much like Girls Aloud as Matthew seemed to think!

Never mind picking a setlist, on this evidence choosing what’s going to be on the album is definitely not going to be easy.


1. Seven Vices  2. When The Morning Comes  3. I See  4. Things I Shouldn’t Tell You  5. Promises of Strangers  6. Intervention  7. She Said She Loves Somebody Else

Cancel The Astronauts release their new single ‘Seven Vices’ in September and will be playing various shows north and south of the border in support.

A small number of photos from the show here.