I’ve tended to consider the Last Battle as one of the more folky indie folk bands in Scotland at the moment. But their new record, ‘The Springwell EP’ could change that.

Not that the Last Battle have metamorphosed into Motorhead or anything. But lead track ‘Fallen’ has undoubtedly has a rock kick (all but absent on debut LP ‘Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea’) thanks to the driving intro led by drums and bass. Importantly the band haven’t introduced rock dynamics at the expense of their flair with a good tune.

The rest of the EP though the Last Battle on more familiar melodic ground. ‘The Last Dance’ is a two hander, the main part of the song is decidedly lo-fi folk whilst the back end lifts off with a soaring wordless chorus.

‘Viv Nicholson’ meanwhile is a gorgeous folk lament, featuring a duet between Scott and Arwen, although it is something of a mystery as to why the cautionary tale of the former Smiths cover star has become the focus of a song in 2011.

‘The Springwell EP’ is therefore a welcome release, which builds on the promise of the debut LP. The strengths of their previous work are all here but at the same time they’re staking out some new territory. Get it from the band’s Bandcamp here.