Been meaning to do this for a couple of months, but have never quite got round to it. And I’ve probably left it so long that by now you almost certainly can’t buy the ‘Talons’ E.P. by Birdhead. Ah, well.

Seeing the band perform at June’s Limbo Live show was my first exposure to the band but their performance that night was so good I had to have one of the few remaining EPs.

‘Talons’ is an exhilirating mixture of aggressive guitars, pounding drums and electronica, sort of like of a rock Fuck Buttons with added vocals. If the recorded Birdhead is a slightly less intense experience then that’s only by comparison to the sound and fury of the live experience.

For all its aggression, lead track ‘Tourist’ features several hooks, keyboards and guitars as well as the vocals. It’s the most accessible track on the record. ‘Seamus (Notdog)’  depends more on the electronics than the guitar with its Kraftwerk like sequencers, whilst ‘Dronebone’s metallic riffs recall some Death In Vegas. Closing track ‘Belt’ is a two hander, initially more atmospheric, substituting a spoken vocal for the screams of the earlier songs (from the long established Edinburgh lineage of such songs which stretches back at least to Scars’ ‘Your Attention Please’) befor eploding into a frenzy of riffing.

The thing is, good as the EP is, the songs they played live (which are not included here) suggest that the next record could be even better.

Not sure even if there’s a digital release to purchase but there may be the odd copy left if you get in touch directly with the band. Alternatively make sure you catch the band live when they return after a summer hiatus to headline Limbo Live on Saturday 8th October with support from the Kieran-less Edinburgh School for the Deaf and Plastic Animals. Tickets here.

Listen to ‘Seamus (Notdog)’ on their Birdcamp, sorry, Bandcamp, here.

All of which has motivated me to sort and upload the photos of Birdhead from the June Limbo show here.

Update – You can hear three tracks from the EP and a couple of other things here