Looks like it’s going to be Kristin Hersh week around here so, for the uninitiated, here’s the first of a selection of songs from her three different recording guises.

First up Throwing Muses and probably one of their weirdest shows – to a Word rent-a-hipster audience (sic). A storming version of ‘Bright Yellow Gun’ though more than makes up for the atypical punters:

‘Bright Yellow Gun’ is taken from the ‘University’ LP – which, I was surprised to find, reached number 10 on the UK albums chart.

Next up is a really early track that gets an official TM release on the upcoming ‘Anthology’ collection having previously been only available on the 4AD ‘Lonely Is An Eyesore’ compilation:

And coming closer to the present finally a live version of ‘Speed and Sleep’ which featured on the last TM, self titled ‘Throwing Muses’ LP back in 2003:

Kristin solo tomorrow.