Continuing Kristin Hersh Week, whilst I’m out watching Kristin perform at the Edinburgh Book Festival this evening, here’s some of her solo work.

First off, the video for ‘In Shock’ the single from Kristin’s last solo LP for 4AD, ‘Learn To Sing Like A Star’:

I was always a little disappointed that LTSLAS didn’t do better for Kristin, with the right push I felt it could have reached a far wider audience. Unfortunately 4AD didn’t seem to know what to do with the album, witness the fact that it was almost impossible to get hold of the CD single, even direct from the label.

Next a live version of possibly her best known solo tune ‘Your Ghost’ featuring the McGarrigles McCarricks:

This was recorded at an in=store performance at FOPP in Lndon and is a contemporary recording of ‘In Shock’. The appearance preceded a European and American tour for the LP with a full band, but sadly the tour turned out to be ill-fated, at least when it reached America.

Finally a really poignant version of ‘Flooding’ a song from her last solo LP ‘Crooked’:

This is the only solo performance from Kristin in this set of tunes but it absolutely demonstrates just how devastating she can be even if armed only with an acoustic guitar.

The final installment of this mini-series will be delayed pending a review of her appearance at the Spiegeltent at the Book Festival.