Kristin Hersh author event – Edinburgh International Book Festival – 17th August 2011

I originally hadn’t planned to go to this – in retrospect a fairly unfathomable piece of planning since this was the one event guaranteed to be different from every other time I’ve seen Kristin. But on Tuesday I decided to attend after all and I’m glad I did.

The bulk of the show was taken up with Hannah McGill interviewing Kristin and these segments were genuinely interesting perhaps because there was a flow to proceedings. Interspersed throughout he interview were a handful of readings from ‘Paradoxical Undressing’. The event closed with the customary audience participation and if there was inevitably a more random feel to this section neverthess there were still some thoughtful questions.

I did find out things I didn’t know beforehand although it was no surprise that Kristin, in a non performing environment, was as articulate as she was warm and funny. And it was very noticeable too the devotion of an almost sold out audience, a lot of whom will have followed Kristin’s career for many, many years.

Onto the first Paradoxical Undressing show tomorrow at Cabaret Voltaire.

A handful of photos from last night added to this set.