To round off a week of Kristin Hersh postings, here’s the return of the MPT Giveaway competition.

As you will know if you look a couple of days back, 50 Foot Wave are Kristin’s other band. The original plan was for the band to make its money by touring and releasing their music as EPs. But they were persuaded to add several tracks from their debut EP to the tracks intended for the second to make a full length LP.

Ever since, the band have reverted to the EP format. So there’s only been one full length 50 Foot Wave studio album. To win a copy of it, email the name of the album to me at that email address over there in the right column somewhere before 12 noon (UK time) on Sunday 4th September. (the day before the Throwing Muses ‘Anthology collection is released.)

If there is more than one correct answer, then the names of those who have answered correctly will be put into a hat (or other suitable receptacle) and one drawn out to provide a winner.

My say is final. So there!

What you waiting for?