Freaky Friday

Friday was a WEIRD day.

Most notably it was The Day That I Met Kristin Hersh which was as exceptionally cool as you’d imagine it would be. More of that later.

It was also The Day Where Almost Everything Else Went Wrong. Which wasn’t nearly as cool. To be fair nobody got hurt, nothing got broken.

Yet. late on, when I finally managed to check my emails I found out that Mitchell Museum are “on a break”. As an email from Kris explained:

We’ve have recently lost members of both our on and off stage team, all are just as important in making this thing happen, and we’re not sure how we will do this without them and we’re unsure if we want to.

So we’re taking an extended leave for a while to work out if we still want to make music and how to do that again.

None of which soounds terribly encouraging for anyone waiting for the second MM LP.

And all of which is  terribly sad. At their finest, Mitchell Museum were as good as anyone around and when they weren’t at their finest, they were still bloody good.

Maybe it’s being a bit premature but if they have played their last then Mitchell Museum at least burned brightly in their relatively short existence. Cheers, guys.

Oh hell, let’s do 3 videos to say farewell.

The debut single:

The second single:

The final single: