Minimalist – A Wee Slice of Retreat!

So finally made it to a Retreat! Festival on Saturday afternoon but sadly saw very little of a terrific bill since the main aim was to interview FOUND.

Burger No Burger was on when we arrived and it turned out to be none other than Johnny ‘Pictish Trail’ Lynch. He was finishing a solo tune when we got in but was then joined on stage by most of Eagleowl for a rocking finale.

FOUND were on next and started with a hooded Tommy trying to find a loaf of bread on a chair. But once the actual performance started there were no guitars nor vocals so this was very much FOUND as electronic experimentalists. Slightly formless initially, the back end of the performance was more direct. Who knows? perhaps some of these pieces may form the basis of future FOUND material.

Whilst I caught up with FOUND the rest of the family saw and apparently quite enjoyed Loose Fur. But sadly we had to go before Rob took the stage for a solo set and long before Ballboy kicked off the evening’s proceeding.

Maybe next year.