Vladimir are a young band from Dundee, possibly the noisiest band in Dundee. Which means that they don’t sound anything like another band starting with the same letter from the city.

In truth Vladimir are a little bit out on a limb at the moment. Sure there are echoes of the early Noughties post punk infatuation at times but more than anything Vladimir perhaps remind me of the genre that the 80s forgot.

Their 5 track self-titled debut EP is an imposing beast with towering, gloomy songs. The centre-piece of the record is the fourth song, the six and a half minutes ‘Mellow’ a foreboding epic which illustrates the record’s strengths – dirty riffs and doomy vocals.

If you’re still with me, then you are perhaps prepared for the much maligned G word. Yep, we very definitely seem to be in Goth territory here. Resolutely unhip, even maligned, Goth nevertheless produced some fine rock bands even if in recent years (decades maybe) it seems to have become a sub genre of metal.

But Vladimir here show the potential to be compared against the best of that genre from its mid 80s prime.

Buy, the EP here.

Vladimir are playing at The Balcony Bar in Dundee next weekend (10th September) supported by the Cosmic Dead and the Wildhouse followed by shows at Cafe Drummond, Abredeen (17th Sept) and Henry’s Cellar Bar on October 27th (with, I believe, Edinburgh School for the Deaf and Hookers for Jesus).