We Were Promised Jetpacks / 3 Blind Wolves / Dave? – The Doghouse, Dundee – 9th September 2011

Last night saw the long awaited first We Were Promised Jetpacks headline show of the year. And by good fortune it was over the water in Dundee.

With a set heavily weighted in favour of upcoming LP ‘In The Pit of the Stomach’ the band still delivered enough older material to keep an enthusiastic Dundee audience on the boil.

But it was the new tunes that were most of interest to me. I’ve heard some of these tunes once before and even that one listen is enough so that there’s a familiarity about them. But that’s definitely not down to the fact that the new LP is a retread of the first. On the contrary, whilst there is undeniably a Jetpacks quality to the new material, these songs are further evidence that this band simply doesn’t stand still for any length of time. Five years ago it would have been difficult to imagine the young scratchy, band so in thrall of Bloc Party evolving into one of Scotland’s finest rock bands.

Live, it all just sounds so much heavier than the first record but the tunes still have their own identities even more than those on the first record did. Adam didn’t announce many of the song titles but the set closer (or it was supposed to be) ‘Pear Tree’ is a real epic.

First LP material was dotted throughout the set with ‘Quiet Little Voices’ dispensed with early on to scenes of pandemonium. All the old tunes were greeted euphorically from the floor with a huge singalong element too,  Adam looking slightly bemused when the crowd sang the first few lines of ‘It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning’ during the band’s intro.

The crowd reaction was so good, and the band enjoying themselves so much, that they chucked in a bonus ‘Short Bursts’ at the end of the set to send everyone home happy.

The only downside of the performance was the usual less than stellar Doghouse sound although to be fair it improved dramatically from the first couple of numbers on.

All of which leaves me with something of a dilemma. I’ve got so much on just now, finding the time to see a band twice in the remainder of the year is tough. But last night’s performance really, really makes me want to see WWPJ once the LP’s out.

There were two supports – 3 Blind Wolves illustrated Glasgow’s love affair with Americana with a slightly lighter take on the Hold Steady. I quite enjoyed them.

I was however baffled by Dave? (the question mark seems pertinent). They were at times awful, at others pretty decent (sometimes both in the same tune!). Not an easy band to get a handle on.

We Were Promised Jetpacks release their second LP ‘In The Pit of the Stomach’ on the 3rd October. Pre-order it here.

The band also have a decent amount of dates coming up, in Europe between 16 and 21 September, before returning to the UK for half a dozen dates including further Scottish dates in Stirling (1st October) and Edinburgh (6th October). Thereafter they head to the States for 17 dates between 26th October and 15th November.

WWPJ Setlist

1. Circles and Squares  2. Quiet Little Voices  3. Medicine  4. Ships With Holes Will Sink  5. Through the Dirt and the Gravel  6. Picture of Health  7. This Is My House, This Is My Home  8. Roll Up Your Sleeves  9. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning  10. Boy In The Backseat  11. Human Error  12. Pear Tree  13. Short Bursts

More photos to follow