Cancel The Astronauts / My Tiny Robots / The Bad Books – ‘Seven Vices’ single launch, Electric Circus, Edinburgh – Sunday 11th September

This is starting to get ridiculous. Cancel the Astronauts appear to be one of the most prolific bands in Scotland in terms of songwriting at the moment and they’ve only gone and done it again.

Last night’s single launch show at the Electric Circus was brought to a thundering conclusion not with the traditional set closer ‘Let’s Go Expo’ but instead by a rather good new song ‘While I Was Sleeping’. Which rather begs the question whether or not they will ever finish their album because this song is apparently just 3 weeks old. Which means that it post dates the MPT podcast during and even they were lamenting the difficulties in choosing songs for the record.

Fears for its influence on the arrival of the LP, ‘While I Was Sleeping’ added something extra to what was probably the best show I’ve seen the band play. On previous visits, I’ve not been a huge fan of the sound at the Electric Circus but last night it was pretty much spot on. And Cancel the Astros made the most of that with a tremendous 9 song set.

Undoubtedly brimming with confidence at the moment, they mixed up the old and the new with an increasing emphasis on the latter. Lead EP tracks ‘Funny For A Girl’ and ‘Fanclub’ were dispensed early on and matched with excellent B’ side ‘Playing Hard to Get’ and newer material such as ‘Love Backwards’, ‘Making Dynamite’ and of course the single that the whole evening was about ‘Seven Vices’.

And yet, the finish probably topped what had gone before – ‘Intervention’ is undoubtedly one of their best songs (regardless of vintage) and ‘While I Was Sleeping’ was the perfect way to conclude the set.

Cancel The Astronauts are currently riding something of a wave which hopefully will carry them onto bigger and better things. Catch them whilst they’re still playing places of this size.

If the headlining set would have been good enough on its own, then the support sets really enhanced the evening.

Both My Tiny Robots and The Bad Books delivered fine, varied sets. I particularly enjoyed the openers, the Bad Books, who were playing only their fourth show. Already they seem to have a really strong set with closing number ‘Don’t Ever Change’ maybe the best of the lot. There’s a sense of showmanship here too with main singer Graham disappearing off into the crowd with his megaphone during the final number before re-emerging on the stage via the top of the bar having traversed its entire length in the course of his wanderings.

Playing between these two performances was something of an unenviable task but My Tiny Robots did a fine job. If they occasionally let my attention drift to the distracting screens behind the stage, they still had a number of excellent songs. Defintely worth keeping an eye on.

CTA setlist

1. Animal Love Match  2. Funny for a Girl 3. I am The President of Your Fanclub  4. Playing Hard to Get  5. Love Backwards  6. Seven Vices  7. Making Dynamite  8. Intervention  9. While I Was Sleeping

MPT Competition

To celebrate the official release today of ‘Seven Vices’, MPT has a copy of the single to give away along with a copy of the second CTA EP ‘Funny For A Girl’.

To stand a chance of winning these two shiny CDs simply answer the following question:

Should ‘Intervention’ be on the debut Cancel The Astronauts LP?

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Subjective question, I know, but the editor’s decision (that’s me) is final. Go!

A reminder of MPT podcast #9 with all five members of Cancel The Astronauts.