Next week FOUND make their Dundee live debut when they headline the Something Going On/Manic Pop Thrills show at Dexter’s. Ahead of the show I caught up with Ziggy Campbell, Tommy Perman and Kev Sim to discuss what has been turning into a notable year for the Edinburgh three piece.

FOUND not only made the jump from Fence Records to Glasgow indie Chemikal Underground for the release of their third album ‘factorycraft’ but also released the second single from the LP ‘Anti-Climb Paint’ as a playable chocolate single and have some exotic gigs lined up before the end of the year.

In the first part of a two part interview the band talked first about their move to Chemikal and their critically acclaimed third LP ‘factorycraft’.

Bassist Tommy explains: “It was a good step forward for us. We recorded and released our first LP ‘FOUND Can Move’ ourselves before releasing our second album ‘This Mess We Keep Reshaping’ through Fence.

“Working with Fence was great, but they are a very small label. Chemikal are more established with wider distribution and they know how to get their bands’ names out.

“Chemikal also have a group of diehard fans and people have been checking us out because of the association with the label.”

Chemikal’s influence was also evident when FOUND were sent out on tour earlier this year with labelmates the Phantom Band.

Tommy agrees it was a good opportunity for the band.

“We don’t have a booking agent at the moment so we line up shows as best we can, although we’d like to play more often.

“But it’s very difficult to get booking agents at the moment, the whole music industry seems very cautious and not up for taking risks.”

“The Phantom Band have done very well for Chemikal so it’s a good time for the label to be pushing new acts like ourselves.

“We were also able to tour with them earlier this year and our sound sits well with their audience.”

Whilst FOUND’s three LP’s to date have all sounded different, singer/guitarist Ziggy Campbell explains that there were several different influences on‘factorycraft’ sounding the way it does.

“Two members of the band left and as result we reset everything and built our sound back up from scratch.The songs are based round the sampler and anchored by the bass and guitar.

“It was also the first time that we’d written the songs before we recorded them. We’d already played them live for a while so they had a chance to evolve in response to audience reaction. We knew what worked.”

As well as the internal factors, Ziggy explained that there were outside influences at work.

“’factorycraft’ was our first studio LP and that had an impact on the sound. Previously we would work on our separate parts individually at home then send them on to the others.”

Tommy adds. “We recorded the LP with Paul Savage and his younger brother Jamie at Chem 19. It was the first time we’d had external input into one of our records and it sounds different as a result.”

Ziggy – “It’s more direct and the songs are concise and less fiddly where previously we would have added in loads of ideas to the same song.

Everyone knows that the recent Sony warehouse fire has had a big impact on labels like Chemikal by destroying a lot of stock but the problems have extended to other areas  as Tommy explains.

“The plan was to have a third single released from the LP in time for our September dates but the fire has pushed everything back with the label having other things to sort out.”

More from FOUND next week.

The band headline Dexter’s in Dundee on Thursday 22nd September with support from Man Without Machines, Martin John Henry and The Strangers Almanac.

Tickets for the show can be purchased online here or from Groucho’s in Dundee. Additionally myself and Andy will be delighted to sell you tix at the advance price of £7 per ticket.

The Facebook event for the show is here.

A FOUND performance courtesy of Song, By Toad:

Look out for interviews from the other acts taking part in the coming days starting with Gord from the Strangers Almanac tomorrow.