After a storming set supporting Edinburgh School for the Deaf in June with an atypical 3 piece line-up, Man Without Machines return to Dexter’s on Thursday with a full 4 piece complement. Ahead of the show Andy spoke to MWM main man Adam Lockhart.

AW – What have you been up to since you played for us in June?

AL – “I’ve been working on plans for the album but mainly we’ve all been busy with other things, holidays, day jobs etc. I was working on film in Denmark for a bit.”

AW – How have things gone with the album? The un-mastered version I’ve heard sounds pretty brilliant. Are you any nearer to completing it and have you had much interest in terms of it getting a release in the near future?

AL – “We are looking at a February 2012 release date. There’s someone working on the artwork at the moment and it’s likely there will be a very limited screen-printed sleeve and also some vinyl copies. It will be getting mastered in the next few weeks hopefully.”

AW – The members of Man Without Machines sound like a busy bunch musically. What have you been up to with your respective ‘other’ bands?

AL – “I’ve been doing a bit of recording with Spare Snare, Andrew has been working on the new Hazey Janes album which is out in October and Michael was recently involved with his band Revolver in the Scottish Beatles Weekend – playing on roofs etc.”

AW –Does this cause problems in terms of organisation or gigging or do you think it helps with the band to have other musical outlets?

AL – “I think it’s good to have other outlets; it keeps things fresh rather than being stuck in one project or genre. Ideas or influences can come from these other things and help the creative process. However, it does sometimes cause problems, like when we played without Andrew at our last gig in Dexters due to his Electric Soft Parade commitments.”

AW – How do you approach writing songs for Man Without Machines? What are your influences musically or otherwise?

AL – “Well, the songs usually start on the guitar or bass, where I’ll try out some ideas then everything else is gradually added after that. The lyrics always come last, I find that the hardest part, mainly because I’ve been singing nonsense words for the whole process and I find it difficult to get them out of my head when coming up something else.

“Main influences would be early OMD, early Gary Numan, The Wedding Present, Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard, Human League, Sparks, XTC, The Postal Service/DNTEL, New Order/Joy Division, Devo and a whole lot of stuff that probably feeds in somewhere too.”

AW – What would the perfect gig be like for Man Without Machines?

AL – “Oh, I think something with lots of visuals and video projection. It would be good to work with a video artist at some point for the live shows. I prefer medium sized venues where you can actually see the band, so a few nights somewhere would be better than a giant O2 arena gig – but hey, never say never, ha ha.”

AW – When will the video for ‘Something’s Happening Here’ get an airing? Can you tell us a bit about the making of that?

AL – “The making of this video has been frustratingly running on for a quite a while now but we are in the post production phase and I really hope this will be ready in about 6 weeks. It was shot in the Green Screen Studio and Board Room at Duncan of Jordanstone, one of the engineering labs at Dundee University and at Mills Observatory. Peter Richardson who previously made music videos in the 90s for the likes of Blur and other Britpop acts directed it.”

AW – How well do you think you would survive without machines?

AL – “Hmmm, good question. I’m a bit wary playing some of the songs acoustically live – I think the machines are a big part of it. Sometimes at rehearsals Val mentions that the songs do work like acoustically. Maybe one day there will be an outing of Man Without Machines without machines”.

AW – Anything else you’d like to add?

AL – “We may be adding another member soon. A sort of utility person on synths so we don’t have to rely on sequencers so much”.

Advance tickets for the show can be purchased online here or from Groucho’s in Dundee. Additionally myself and Andy will be delighted to sell you tix at the advance price of £7 per ticket.

The Facebook event for the show is here.

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