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FOUND / Man Without Machines / Martin John Henry / The Strangers Almanac

Shouldn’t really review our own gig, but I’m pretty safe in the knowledge that most folk there last night are going to agree with me. So what the hell.

The Strangers Almanac are in gorgeous, acoustic mode and their tales of world travel (with the odd spaceship thrown in) are the perfect way to open the show. A respectful audience pay close attention.

Next up the debut performance from Martin John Henry and band. It’s quite different from the LP, much rawer with louder guitars and less electronics. But, despite some nervousness on the part of the band before the show, it’s bloody marvellous all the same. Even though there can’t be many people who have heard many of the songs, the crowd reaction is extremely positive.

Man Without Machines are next, restored to a four piece. The added bass and synths just make their catchy electro pop, well, MORE. In a very good way. Really looking forward to the LP next year. As it appears are last night’s audience, at least on the strength of their reaction!

Finally, FOUND. The supports set a very high standard for them to match but they do so by simply being awesome. It’s the first time I’ve heard the songs since the LP came out and live they sound wonderful, fleshed out even. Quite how the three of them create such a glorious noise is a matter for debate but the performance illustrates just how good the songs are.

Other than the ‘factorycraft’ material, there’s a nice Cate le Bon cover and a fairly freaky ‘Let Fidelity Break’. Brilliant stuff and the audience reaction can be guaged by the fact that they play an encore.

Some other reflections – Dexter’s is without doubt the best venue with the best sound in Dundee. No competition.

The turn-out though was disappointing. It was probably the best bill MPT has been involved with, we had a  headliner with a reasonable profile, we pretty much did as much as we reasonably could with great support from the Courier and the Skinny. Yet the masses resolutely refused to come through the door.

Martin John Henry Setlist

1. First Light  2. Span  3. New Maps  4. I Love Map  5. Ribbon on a Bough  6. Seventh Song  7. There’s A Phantom Hiding In My Loft

FOUND Setlist

1. I’ll Wake With A Seismic Head No More  2. Eyes So Bright (Cate Le Bon cover)  3. You’re No Vincent Gallo  4. Machine Age Dancing  5. Anti-CLimb Paint   6. Every Hour That Passes  7. Johnny, I Can’t Walk The Line  8. Blackette  9. Let Fidelity Break  10. Lowlandless


11. Shallow

Photos from last night. And some better ones!


  1. Craig says:

    I agree with the review of the gig, but probably not so much with the opinion on Dexters. True, the sound there is excellent but there’s something about the layout of the venue, as could be seen last night that discourages the audience from going up close the stage. I dunno if its the two tables in the middle that almost act as a barrier, or the fact that you can see as well from the bar as from further down, the audience just seems quite distant. That being said, I’ve seen the Ray Summers and Meursault at Dexters, both which pulled in bigger crowds and I didn’t notice that problem then, so maybe it’s simply to do with the attendance. (Drinks could be cheaper too, but I’m a skint student so that’s always gonna be a problem pour moi.)

    Another quarrel I have is with the audience. It’s happened two or three times that I’ve been at smaller gigs in Dundee, most noticeably the Mitchell Museum gig, but once the band from Dundee (in this case it appeared to be Man Without Machines) have player their set then their fans/friends/family simply fuck off home. I don’t get it. Surely if you’re paying £7 to go to a gig you’d at least stay to find out who’s headlining above your mates band. Hats off to the guys (and girl) from MWM though for sticking around and watching FOUND, who were glorious.

    All in all, the gig was absolutely fantastic, such a strong lineup, it baffles me as to why the numbers in attendance weren’t higher. Hopefully if you keep putting on gigs with such good artists then the great unwashed will start turning up, and staying for the whole night. I know I’ll be back next time.

  2. Thanks, Craig, for the comment. Yeah, I’m sure that the 2 tables are a factor but I’ve been at plenty of gigs where the audience lurks at the back unless the singer asks the audience to move forward when it usually happens. Some folk did come forward for FOUND.

    Didn’t think too many left early last night (certainly not compared to the MM and ESFTD shows) but I know what you mean. It must be a little demoralising for the acts. To be fair it’s a school night too, people will have had work today and the older I get, the earlier I feel I should be going to my bed!

    I suspect we’re not going to stop but we are going to have to have a rethink about how we do these shows. Any suggestions who you’d like to see most welcome!

  3. Craig says:

    Is there anywhere else in Dundee that might suit it a bit better? I like the Doghouse personally, but again, it’s a lot better when its packed. I just noticed a few people heading for the doors when MWM were finished and I never saw them come back on.

    I have to be honest though, I was lurking near the back for most of the gig, mainly because my girlfriend wanted a seat (I tend to drag her along) but I did persuade her to move forward for FOUND, so maybe I’m being a little hypocritical.

    I really hope you do keep putting these gigs on. It’s brilliant that someone in the Dundee area is putting on such good music, its just a shame that the people aren’t coming. I’m gutted I missed the ESFTD gig, I’ve heard a few of their songs and they sound pretty special. I’m following you on Twitter now so hopefully I won’t miss any in the future. In terms of bands I’d like to see in the future… I obviously don’t know how these things work that well but Withered Hand, eagleowl, Kid Canaveral are springing to mind… just good Scottish music really. I really loved MJH’s set last night, I never caught De Rosa live and I’m glad I got down early for him and the Strangers Almanac.

    PS. sorry for blethering on so much.

  4. Hi Craig

    I think that we’d love to put on the acts you mention – we did put on Kid C a couple of years ago before the LP came out.

    In terms of venues, we’ve pretty much looked at everything. Dundee lacks a good micro venue with its own PA. Drouthy’s could be that venue but the PA isn’t really up to what out of town bands expect. Closest is probably Beat Generator Live! but it pretty much costs the same as Dexter’s. Which to me as a venue has more advantages. The Doghouse seems to have plenty of baggage from what I hear.

  5. The two tables don’t help, but it’s an improvement on when there was that weird wall in from of the bar. And the room has been made smaller with the black material.

    Not sure what you could do about the attendence, really! We were surprised but relieved that the Meursault gig was as busy as it was, then a little disappointed that Mitchell Museum wasn’t so busy.

    And I agree with your points on venues, Drouthies is great but probably not what out of town/touring bands are really expecting. Dexters is great apart from how enmpty it can still look. Dave is a great sound man.

  6. Craig says:

    I suppose you’re right, when bands play they’re gonna want the sound to be top notch and certainly Dexters is the place for that. It’s always spot on, he really is a great sound guy/man/thing. It probably is just the attendance thing, and you did plug this one loads, I saw posters for it all over the joint.

    Do you have any gigs in the pipeline?

  7. Wow, a debate! Great!

    Nothing planned at the moment, Craig. A bit of wound licking first …

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