Totally Violated – Vladimir interview

There’s a young band causing quite a stir in Dundee (and beyond) at the moment. MPT hasn’t yet had his ears eviscerated by Vladimir but it is surely only a matter of time.

Following on from the recent release of their debut EP, Ross from the band took some time to speak to the blog.

MPT – Who are Vladimir?

Ross Murray – Vocals, Peter Mackenzie – Guiitar, Joshua Gray – Bass and Sam Taylor – Drums

MPT – How long have you been going?

Since April time.

MPT – What are your plans for the next few months?

Gig every inch of the country and get our name slapped all over the place.

MPT – You’re not a typical Dundee band – what have been the advantages and disadvantages of that?

The advantage is that people who come see us have never seen anything like it so they either feel it’s the best experience of their life or totally violated. Maybe even both at the same time.

I don’t think there is a single disadvantage. None of us would be in this if we sounded like a typical Dundee band. It’s hard to tell the difference between them all. We could maybe pick two other Dundee band’s we would go see without being bored to death. One have been around longer than we’ve been alive and the other have a really hot singer so I think that sums up that there is a lot of drivel going around.

MPT – Tell us a little bit about the EP.

It’s basically the best songs we have written since we started. We wanted there to be no limits or lines drawn and just be able to do what we wanted on it. When we went into record it we all wanted it to be as close to the live show as possible and I think we captured that pretty well.

MPT –  I described the EP has harking back to goth (which was meant to be a compliment) What gothic records are lurking in your collections?

There’s alot of Mortal Coil and Bauhaus in our collections which are two exceptional bands which just blew us away when we first heard them on record. Also Early Horrors stuff which we all love.

MPT – What else influences Vladimir, both musical and non-musical?

Non musically i think Hate has to be a main influence. What teenager doesn’t have loads of it built up inside and just want to go mental at every chance possible? Musically we don’t like to refer ourselves to being influenced by certain bands we like to just go out and write what we want.

MPT –  What can people expect from a Vladimir live show?

I don’t even think we’re capable of answering that. I don’t think we know where to draw the line so it will just keep getting more and more mental every show. The shows suck you in so you feel like you are in your own wee world with nothing else on your mind. No one ever knows what will happen next.

MPT – What’s been the best gig you played so far? And the worst?

13th note in Glasgow was easily the best. That was probably the first gig we felt at home, where people actually wanted us. Everything just seemed to click and we totally smashed it.

The worst was probably a gig at the Greenside in Leslie we were on at 5.30 and everyone was outside having a BBQ so we ended up playing to about 5 people.

MPT – If you got to interview yourself what question would you like to ask that you’ve not been asked before? And what would the answer be?

Q. Whats the perfect ratio of walls to sky?
A. 3:4

You can get the Vladimir EP from here. Or if you want to get it in a real music shop then the following appear to be stocking it:

Groucho’s in Dundee; Love Music, Glasgow; One Up, Aberdeen; Norman Records, Leeds; and Spillers, Cardiff.

The band play Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh on 27th October, supporting Edinburgh School for the Deaf, and also play the @ Bar in Montrose on 4th November.


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