Zoey van Goey / Kid Canaveral – Stereo, Glasgow – 1st October 2011

Live remixes of Zoey van Goey, synchronised dancing, film crews, a free EP and a new song from Kid Canaveral this show pretty much had everything.

Designed to launch/give away their ‘Sexy Rave Eye Zooming’ EP of remixes this was far from a standard Zoey van Goey show as the absence of several staples demonstrated.

The first part of the set focussed on the quieter, more acoustic based tunes with a recent B-side thrown in. All of which was really nice. But where the show really took off was in the closing songs. First off ‘My Aviator’ was enhanced by Gav from Findo Gask on trumpet emerging onto stage through the audience. This led into the ‘live remixing’ section of the show with radically re-worked versions of four songs from ‘Propeller vs Wings’.

It’s not a surprise that this section worked so well musically since ZVG write such great pop songs that they could be presented successfully any number of ways. But the real icing on the cake was the synchronized band dancing throughout the ‘8 track’ section of ‘Sackville Sun’ which has the whole place in an uproar. After their sing-a-longa Tyransosaur earlier this year Zoey van Goey proved again that, for an apparently unassuming band, they can actually pull off some unexpected surprises in their shows.

Zoey van Goey setlist

1. Where It Lands  2. City is Exploding  3. Extremities  4. Another Day, Another Disaster  5. Like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire  6. Two White Ghosts  7. The Best Treasure Stays Buried  8. We Don’t Have That Kind of Bread  9. My Aviator  10. Little Islands  11. You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate  12. Sackville Sun  13. The Cake and Eating It

Encore – 14. Take The Skinheads Bowling

Kid Canaveral’s support set gave us the first glimpses of a post ‘Wildlife’ Kid C as they debuted new song ‘The Wrench’ midway through their performance. On first listen it sounded great and it fitted in nicely alongside the established singles (only opener ‘Her Hair Hangs Down’ hasn’t had some form of single release.)

Otherwise there was a superb clean sound and some brilliant pop songs. Which could be classed as business as usual. But it may be getting close to the last tgime that can be said with some songs already recorded for the 2nd LP. It will be fascinating to see where they are getting  live 6 months hence.

Kid Canaveral Setlist

1. Her Hair Hangs Down  2. Good Morning  3. Left and Right  4. Smash Hits  5. The Wrench  6. You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night  7. And Another Thing!!  8. Couldn’t Dance

Photos from the show here.