Gosh, I’m not sure what to think. That up there is the sleeve for the NEW MAGAZINE LP – their first in 30 years.

This had quite pased me by. I was aware of the October/November tour (including a date at the ABC Glasgow on 5th November) but totally ignorant of the fact that it is a tour to promote the new record ‘No Thyself’.

On one hand it’s all terribly exciting (first LP in THIRTY years and all that). On the other, little that Devoto has done since McGeoch departed Magazine after ‘The Correct Use of Soap’ has really enthralled.

Oh, I’ll go along with the record at least for the ride. Pre-order the LP (with bonus track) here or the 10″ single that promotes it (Hello Mr Curtis (with apologies)/Holy Dotage) here. The regular 10 track version of the CD is released on 24th October.