We Were Promised Jetpacks / 3 Blind Wolves / Sebastian Dangerfield – Liquid Room, Edinburgh – 6th October 2011

If ‘In The Pit of the  Stomach’ is Jetpacks cranked up to 11, then the amplification last night at the Liquid Room was closer to 21. This really was the loudest show I’ve been at in ages. And frankly I blame young Palmer, whose contributions throughout the evening elevated the noise from extremely loud to monstrous!

For all the volume though, this was actually a show which sounded terrific. The difference in tone between the 2 guitars was astonishing whilst the ryhthm section are also hugely influential.

It was put to me at the end of the show that WWPJ are now darker and louder ever and that’s a great way of explaining the difference in the way that the earlier material is presented these days. Although disposed of early again, ‘Quiet Little Voices’ is absolutely ferocious and the other songs played from the first LP all receive similar treatment.

ITPOTS is heavy enough on record but live there’s another dimension which is best epitomised by ‘Hard To Remember’  carved as it is from frozen granite.

Bizarrely, despite the all encompassing heaviness, the songs from the new LP have more room to breathe in person simply by virtue of the contrast with the early songs. Nothing really shifts in my opinion of the relative merits of the songs, with ‘Medicine’, ‘Picture of Health’ and the absolutely awesome ‘Pear Tree’ still my favourites and it surely can’t be long before ‘Pear Tree’ is entrenched in its deserved position as set closer.

Song-wise there’s almost nothing to fault in the choice of tunes with the return of ‘Keeping Warm’ (omitted in Dundee) a particular treat for this fan. If there’s a gripe then it’s the omission again of ‘Act On Impulse’, now the only song I’ve not heard live (this year at least – did they play it last year?) from the new LP.

So a fantastic performance. And did I say it was quite loud? Earplugs next time.

Principal support was, as in Dundee, 3 Blind Wolves. As last time I quite enjoyed them but am slightly disappointed that I didn’t really recognise any of the material from last time (other than perhaps ‘Echoes of A Train’). On that evidence I suspect that they’ll not achieve anything more to these ears than decent support.

The evening was opened by Sebastian Dangerfield but difficulties in getting parked meant that I only caught their last couple of tunes. I did however recognise one of these tunes from last time, which is a good sign, so I’ve added their recent EP to my Avalanche shopping list.

WWPJ setlist

1. Circles and Squares  2. Quiet Little Voices  3. Medicine  4. Human Error  5. Roll Up Your Sleeves  6. Sore Thumb  7. Keeping Warm  8. Picture of Health  9. Hard To Remember  10. Pear Tree  11. This Is My House, This Is My Home  12. Ships With Holes Will Sink  13. Boy In The Backseat  14. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning