I was rather randomly drawn to finding something like that video up there yesterday and thought it was worth sharing with the wider world.

If any band has ever released consecutive releases as good as Sugar’s ‘Copper Blue’ and ‘Beaster’ then I’ve yet to hear them. If ‘Copper Blue’ was Bob Mould’s commercial peak then ‘Beaster’, recorded in the same sessions but more than a little bit removed, may well be his creative equivalent.

‘Beaster’ perhaps didn’t quite live up to Bob’s ‘You’ve never heard anything like it before’ tag, but it’s not far away. Rather bizarrely on the back of the success of ‘Copper Blue’, ‘Beaster’ a 6 track mini LP remember actually reached number 2 in the grown up UK album charts on its week of release. Difficult to credit now.

‘Tilted’ was the record’s ‘pop’ single, sort of, but  it’s brilliantly deranged, careering along feeling barely under control. The above version is unfortunately the single edit, so it loses a little of that reckless feel, but it’s still pretty wonderful.

You can buy ‘Beaster’ here