Next Friday Viv Albertine comes to Dundee for a date on her first Scottish solo tour. Also on the bill are The Creeping Ivies. Andy WOod speaks to Becca and Duncan from the band.

The Creeping Ivies are just two but make one heck of a racket. Having only formed last year they played their debut gig at the Fever Summer Blow Out! in the late summer of this year. Their set was a pure adrenalin rush, short, sharp tuneful shocks to the system, influenced by the rawer end of rock ‘n’ roll, garage punk and tied together with a classic, glamorous image. They tie together a bunch of familiar themes and influences but give them back to you with interest to create a sound that is recognizably their own. For The Creeping Ivies it’s not about nostalgia or recreating a sound but instead creating something that is utterly passionate and beautiful, full of energy and great hooks. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you The Creeping Ivies…

Who are The Creeping Ivies? How did the band come about and what have you done to date?

B: The Creeping Ivies are Becca Bomb and Duncan Destruction.  We play Rock N roll/Garage Punk and we formed late 2010 out of the ashes of The Leatherettes.  Duncan briefly joined The Leatherettes before we split up so it was a natural progression to form a new band after that.  We have also had our club night FEVER where we DJ at various venues over the past few years so we have a mutual love of the same music.

To date we have basically been busy writing and rehearsing so only starting to play live recently.  We’ve been on a couple of cool compilations records and just finished recording our own EP this weekend so that will be released sometime in November.

You have a very defined sound and visual look that complement each other. How important is it for you both for The Creeping Ivies to have a distinct sense of aesthetics?

B: To be honest I don’t think about it too much as it just comes naturally, the style and the music I happen to be inspired by goes hand in hand.  I have a big love for original Rock N roll and Punk so I’m also heavily influenced by the aesthetics from those eras.

D: I like to look good and my idols are the likes of Elvis, Little Richard and Link Wray who all had amazing style to go with their blazing Rock n Roll.

What are your main influences, musical and otherwise?

D: My main influences musically are Skiffle, early Rock n Roll, Garage and Punk. Other more general influences are Film Noir, old crime fiction and Marilyn Monroe. Pretty much anything with class, trash or hard liquor.

B: The artists who mainly inspire me are early rock n roll like Bo Diddley, Little Richard and rockabilly stuff like Hasil Adkins, The Cramps and I’m also very influenced by late 70s bands like The Clash, NY Dolls, X-ray Spex.  I love music which is full of energy and genuine, like full of character too.  Bands who like to Rip it up!  I find inspiration in novels and film and I like to draw and paint so I’m just very creative and find inspiration in so many things.  I’m very much a dreamer.

Songs by The Creeping Ivies have appeared on a couple of compilation albums and you have an E.P. out soon. Could you tell me a bit more about your releases to date please.

This was all through the website which is a great community for rock n roll and garage/punk bands to network and get exposure and promote music to like minded people.  We just got asked to be involved and of course said yes.  The first record is “You Got your Punk in my Garage” and the second is by Dead By Mono Records called “No Way out Vol 2”.  Our record “Shake it Up” appears on both records.

We have just recorded our 3 track EP which is called “Rock N Roll Party” and will be released in November (date TBC). 

Becca, you were in Leatherettes a few years ago, a band I liked a lot. Can you tell me a bit about that band and why they split up?

B: The Leatherettes were formed by me and Graeme (Johnny Howl) and we were together for a few years and had a great time.  It just kind of run its course and we had a break because we had a daughter. Then it just happened that Graeme wanted to explore other things so then myself and Duncan talked about forming a new band.

Or we could just say “musical differences”.

Have either of you played in any other bands?

B: I started playing guitar and writing in my late teens and then I moved to London where I jammed with a few folk but didnt really do much to note. (too busy partying for 4 years)  When I moved back to Scotland I formed Trash Superstar and after that came The Leatherettes.

D: Not really. When I met Becca and Graeme, Trash Superstar had just ended and they were busy with The Leatherettes. They were using pre-recorded drums but were looking for a drummer so I bought some drums and started practicing with them. I never ended up playing any gigs with them. It was a good ride though and proved useful for getting The Creeping Ivies started.

For those people who haven’t seen The Creeping Ivies live yet what can they expect?

Wild, fast, energetic Rock N Roll. 

What would be your ideal gig?

B: A basement in Narnia with The Cramps, Bo Diddley, The Clash and Johnny Thunders dressed as Aslan.

D: Ha, ha that would be pretty cool. I don’t have any favourite venues I just want to play to people who appreciate us for what we are.

What have The Creeping Ivies got planned in the coming months?

We plan to gig as much as we can, over Scotland and hopefully head down south soon and also promote our new EP.  Also writing more material and aim to get an album out over the next year.  i.e have a few parties, play, dance and indulge in some poker.

Anything else you would like to add?

We’re coming to get you.

A video for one of their compilation tracks:

Tickets for the show at Beat Generator Live! in Dundee are available in advance from Groucho’s or from We Got Tickets here.