King Creosote / KC Squared / Kid Canaveral – The Doghouse, Dundee – 3rd November 2011

I think I’ve confessed before that I’ve not known a lot about King Creosote. Despite seeing King Kenny perform several short solo sets at different times in the past, I’d never seen him perform with a full band before.

So, having caught up with the recent KC Domino releases over the last 12 months,  the KC Squared show at the Doghouse last night, with MPT staples Kid Canaveral in tow, seemed like the perfect opportunity to fill that glaring gap in the CV.

Kid C first. Maybe I’m letting my lack of affection for the venue colour this but initially it’s the most subdued set I’ve seen from them. For the first handful of songs they seem to struggle a bit with the acoustics at the Doghouse and uncharacteristically it all seems a little lacking in that essential Kid C element – fun. But, in the middle of new song ‘The Wrench’, David and Rose exchange a glance, laugh, and suddenly all is right with the world again.

After that it sounds great and the run of ‘hits’ to  close the set stands up in anybody’s company.

At the conclusion of Kid C’s set, they’re joined by Mr Anderson for a 5 song set. Both “John Taylor’s Month Away”  and “No Way She Exists” sound as bright as buttons with added Kid C jangle with the King adding acoustic guitar to a typical Kid C run through of ‘Missionary’. The highlights of the short set though are both sides of the joint single, “Nowhere Near Half Done'” and “Homerun and A Vow” with the latter particularly great.

So to the headline act. It takes some time to ‘load’ the 8 piece band on stage, but once on, they’re off and running. Despite taking my elementary King Creosote course over the last 12 months, I still don’t know many of the songs played (hence lack of setlist below), albeit that is in part down to the fact that many are taken from the unreleased ‘T hat might well be it, darling” LP.

Still, even without knowing the tunes, it’s a wonderfully diverse and enjoyable set, through folk, pop, dance and rock with even a darker section midway through.

When it comes round to encore time the band decide to forego the difficulties of getting off and on again so stand around sheepishly for a short while before restarting. As an introduction to the full majesty of King Creosote, the evening worked perfectly.

The only downside to the show was an overenthusiastic group of ‘fans’ who pushed their way next to us then seemed more interested in talking loudly and jumping around at inappropriate moments than listening to the band.

Still it detracted only a little from a rather excellent evening and both Mrs MPT and myself agreed that we’d  go and see KC again in a shot.

Kid Canaveral setlist

1. Her Hair Hangs Down  2. Smash Hits  3. Left and Right  4. The Wrench  5. And Another Thing!!  6. Good Morning  7. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  8. Couldn’t Dance

KC Squared setlist

1. John Taylor’s Month Away  2. No Way She Exists  3. Nowhere Near Half Done  4. Missionary  5. Homerun and A  Vow

Some photos from last night can be found here.

One of the King C songs I did know on Thursday: