I Sold Her – Throwing Muses live

How could Throwing Muses possibly be better than I remembered them? I’ve no idea but somehow at Oran Mor they are.

Simply put, last night the Muses were utterly brilliant over the course of an exhilarating run through the back catalogue.

Part of that was down to song choice. Whilst the set was certainly placed at the accessible end of the spectrum (far more so than even ‘Anthology’) there wasn’t a single mis-step in the 20 songs played. In fact by the end of the show, the hairs on the back of my neck were thoroughly exhausted having barely had a moment’s rest in the course of the evening.

But there’s such an energy about band too, belied by the calmness displayed by Kristin and even Bernard who, whilst indisputably the most suave bass player in rock, knows when to crank the showmanship up just a little. The whole thing though is driven on by the best drummer in the world – watching Dave Narcizo pounding away behind his kit again is revelatory.

Highlights? Honestly, pretty much everything – my ageing limbs felt the almost irresistible urge to jump around like my 25 year old self would have done. Although hearing ‘Say Goodbye’ again was completely unexpected, there was just so much great stuff it would be meaningless to highlight anything.

The atmosphere was superb too, a brilliant crowd reaction which very much seemed to be appreciated on stage. Kristin seemed to be enjoying herself so much on stage that she even had to contain a fit of the giggles during ‘Hate My Way’. And had a quick retort when asked ‘Where’s Tanya?’

Any disappointments? Really only what they DIDN’T play (only 1 from TM2003, no new songs, and doubtless loads more). But then we’d be looking at a 2 and a half hour set – minimum – to have got close to meeting my demands. Perhaps a little too much to ask.

The mystery is how such a great band can’t seem to earn a living in this world. Hopefully though ‘Anthology’ and this tour will provide renewed interest ahead of  the new album.

Gig of the Year.

Best. Band. On. The. Planet.

TM Setlist

1. Soul Soldier  2. Shimmer  3. Garoux Des Larme  4. Speed and Sleep  5. Bright Yellow Gun  6. Start  7. Shark  8. Hate My Way  9. Hazing  10. Tar Kissers  11. Say Goodbye  12. Limbo  13. Furious  14. Vicky’s Box 15. Bea

Encore 1

16. Pearl  17. Mania

Encore 2

18. Fish  19. Devil’s Roof  20. White Bikini Sand

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