Every Living Being Is A Dancer – Teitur live

Photo © Martin Dam Kristensen

One week since last Monday’s amazing Throwing Muses show at Oran Mor in Glasgow and I finally get round to talking about support act Teitur.

Before the show, from the name, I’m guessing an Icelandic industrial group. Well, the nationality at least wasn’t too far away as Teitur is one Faroese dude with a guitar.

Initially I wasn’t convinced that he was a singer at all as his opening chat suggested more a comedian with a guitar. But the music kicked in as soon as he started playing.

Half a dozen songs (or so), all a bit different, there was a gentle, yearning quality to most of the numbers, and he was never going to blast Throwing Muses off the stage. But there’s a lovely quality to the Flaming Lips melody of ‘Joesphine’ and ‘Louis Louis’ lifts the pace a little.

It wasn’t the easiest show to play either, despite a huddle of appreciative fans at the front. Sadly the swell of noise from the back of the room gradually increased throughout the set. This Muses fan though enjoyed it.

A little bit of research flagged up Teitur as an interesting character. His nationality alone marks him out as a bit unusual but he seems to have made a rapid ascent from playing in local bands on the fishing islands to being a popular star in Denmark before moving to a major label in the States. If that career didn’t quite take off (he only released one  LP on Universal), he has been fairly prolific since signing for his manager’s label, Arlo and Betty, releasing 4 LPs, including a Faroese language record Káta Hornið.

An interesting character. Here’s a video for one of the songs he played at Oran Mor:


  1. Brian Carrick says:

    I bought his cd at the Throwing Muses gig and it’s very good.

  2. Hi Brian, wish I’d picked it up too! Wil try and get round to it online at some point,

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