A bit wiped out this evening so here’s one of these infamous ‘quick’ posts that usually turn out to be anything but.

I saw My Bloody Valentine live twice in their heyday, supporting the Pixies in Manchester in autumn 1988 then again on the Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Rollercoaster’ tour at the SECC in Glasgow a couple of years later.

I can understand the critical acclaim piled upon the band – at their finest they were absolutely outstanding. But, at times, some of the songs were a little nebulous for my taste. An accusation, however, which cannot be levelled at ‘You Made Me Realise’, probably their finest moment (although if you want to make a case for ‘Soon’, I’ll give you a fair hearing.)

YMMR was the song that heralded the critical breakthrough for the band – prior to that, they were regarded as a little … twee. But on the YMMR EP and its follow-up ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’ MBV embraced noise with a vengeance. I can particularly remember an ear shredding version of YMMR from the ‘Rollercoaster’ show with the feedback section stretched out substantially from the recorded version.

But not, of course, to the extent that would come later. I remember reading Kevin Shields saying that the feedback section on the EP was intended as a joke – so what does that say about the following live version from 2008?