I finally remembered to order the split King Creosote/Kid Canaveral single last week and it duly arrived through the letter box (with something of a bump) yesterday morning.

Released as part of Fence’s Secret 7s series ‘Homerun and a Vow’ combines the strengths of both acts into a very desirable slab of black plastic.

The A-side is a joint Creosote/Canaveral composition and it was one of the highlights of the KC Squared set at the Doghouse in Dundee earlier this month. It’s a great song and nice to hear KC backed by a slightly more raucous outfit than is the norm on his solo records.

The release also features the first new Kid Canaveral original material this year in the shape of Kate sung B-side ‘Nowhere Near Half Done’. The lead instrumental melody is a slightly mournful wee keyboard and the whole thing is given a nice pop sheen eschewing the traditional guitar solo in the middle in favour of more keyboards.

Buy the single from Fence here.