Since the recent Wire gig, I’ve pretty much given my whole 4 LP Wire collection a play with the exception of the vinyl copy of ‘Manscape’. I’ve also been listening to the newest addition to the collection the tour only live LP ‘The Black Session’.

A record of the live set from the earlier tour this year the CD was recorded in Paris in May. As you might expect, songs from this year’s ‘Red Barked Tree’ feature heavily in the set – half a dozen tracks – whilst the rest of the set seems drawn from across their career.

There’s no doubt a fair degree of overlap with the autumn tour as well but there are songs on here that weren’t played in November such as ‘Red Barked Trees’. And I’m fairly sure that the version of ‘Pink Flag’ on here is different from the arrangement played in the November tour.

It’s a direct recording which really makes me wonder why Wire passed me by for so long because they are very much my sort of thing.

The LP will get a release through Pink Flag next year and is definitely worth checking out even if you’re looking for an introduction to the band.