.. I quite like this.

I confess I’ve been a little lacking in inspiration in the last few days. Despite the fact that I hit 100,000 something or others during the month, that November has not only been my best ever month, but has had the best week in the history of the blog and the 1st, 2nd and 4th best days (curiously in the same week!). The month has also produced my fourth highest viewed post (after 3 relating to James King and the Lone Wolves) but depressingly it wasn’t mine at all but Andy’s!

So I turned to my inbox and, in amongst the usual spam, I found an email entitled ‘Young Fathers – Sneaky Petes’ which sounded possibly close to being relevant.

Promising start, too, to the email:

“Fuckin thrilling, fuckin manic & definitely pop – worth crossing the water for…”

And then this:

“Neither at home in the home-grown rap scene, with its emphasis on ‘real’ accents and ‘real’ life depictions of urban deprivation and desperation, or in the general Scottish music scene, where they don’t fit neatly into any of the quirky/alt/beardyelectro/stadrock&plaid scenes, Young Fathers have continued on their own sweet way, slipping in and out of the tiny ‘multicultural’ slipstream that struggles to survive in the overwhelming whiteness, bringing bass and beats and a soulful sadness to ringing pop tunes.”

Overwhelming whiteness? Check. Quirky/alt/beardyelectro? Yep. Do some of that.

So, like I say, Young Fathers are not my sort of thing. Normally. But I genuinely like this:


Young Fathers have dates at Sneaky Pete’s on Friday (2nd), and the Flying Duck in Glasgow on the 19th. Their Mixtape One is available free from their website.