Ach, this is a little sad. Came in from working late on Thursday to finish the Grant Hart review but also came across an email announcing that These Single Spies are to split.

I was introduced to the band last year via a Song By Toad podcast and ‘OK Corral’ was one of  my favourite songs of 2010. I was lucky enough to catch them on their brief Edinburgh appearance earlier this year and at the gig was given a copy of the debut LP ‘Shipwrecking’, then scheduled for release in the autumn. Well, despite being a great record it’s not appeared yet, and when it finally does in the New Year it will effectively be a post-humous release.

Which is a shame. I enjoyed their performance in April despite only knowing the single and was looking forward to seeing them playing a longer set at some point.

So here, to mark the band’s demise, are a couple of videos of the band, one the official video for the brilliant  ‘OK Corral’ and the other an acoustic performance of a track which is on the LP: