Cancel The Astronauts / Waiting on Jack – Woodside Inn, Glenrothes – 3rd December 2011

I’ve not counted how often I’ve seen Cancel The Astronauts this year, but it must be a few times. Yet they always seem to have a new trick up their sleeve which made last night’s peformance in Glenrothes surprising in that, for once, there weren’t any new tunes on offer. Instead it was pretty much the tried and tested set with a couple of tweaks. Which had the benefit of focussing on just how, very, very good the tried and tested set is whether old or new.

Even more so than last time the sound was remarkably clear, so in addition to Michael’s keys having their usual prominence, Kieran and Matthew’s guitars were perhaps more noticeable than is sometimes the case. All of which added to the epic feel the band produce live.

They’ve got great songs too, whether oldie ‘Funny For A Girl’ or newest song, ‘While I Was Sleeping’ driven along by Chris’s precise drumming. ‘Intervention’ too remains a highlight but for once the show was finished with 2 songs from the debut EP, not just the traditional closer ‘Let’s Go Expo’ but also title track ‘Fanclub’.

All in all it was quite an animated performance with Matthew in particular seeming to have worked out some new dance moves. Great stuff and let’s hope that the LP brings them to a wider audience.

Support came from local band Waiting on Jack, who showed a lot of promise in their set. At this stage, they haven’t developed a huge range but there was some nice choppy guitar going on in a sound that was a couple of steps removed from a lot of the traditional Scottish influences, yet still seemed to hold a fair degree of commercial potential.

CTA setlist

1. Animal Love Match

2. Funny for a Girl

3. She Said She Loves Somebody Else

4. Love Backwards

5. Seven Vices

6. While I Was Sleeping

7. Making Dynamite

8. Intervention

9. Fanclub

10. Let’s Go Expo

I’ve got a decent recording of the show and may share some of it with you in the coming days.

Cancel The Astronauts at the same venue in June