Whilst other blogs go Christmas crazy during December, MPT has always rather maintained a “Bah! Humbug” attitude to the festive season. (That’s the blog, I do give my kids an orange for Christmas, I don’t have a heart entirely made of stone).

In part that’s down to the crass commercialisation of Christmas (epitomised this year by the use of a cover of ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Have What I Want’ in a commerical for a well known department store). Not that the religious festival holds any more appeal for me either.

Still, there are rewards at this time of year and one of these is the long awaited second Gargleblast Xmas Ep (Gargle Xmas 02). The original, several years ago, featured an early version of De Rosa’s own Christmas track ‘Under The Stairs’ and De Rosa feature again in version 2. The first official release since the band split is a live version of Prevention favourite ‘It Helps To See You Hurt’ but there’s other De Rosa related goodies as Martin John Henry has a further 2 new recordings on the EP, both done with former bandmates.

First up is ‘Perfect Try (rogue version)’ recorded by Martin with the assistance of De Rosa guitarist (and MJH bass player) Chris Connick whilst ‘Dorset Leveret’ features De Rosa keyboard player (and occasional standing guitarist) Andy Bush. The former is quite an electronic track, the latter an affecting number which actually isn’t that dis-similar to ‘It Helps …’ in mood, with some nice piano and clarinet(?).

All of which is exciting enough, but there’s another 3 tracks to enjoy. After a long silence there’s a new, quite brilliant  track, ‘Song At Midnight’, from Desert Hearts (their first in 5 years) whilst 2 nice tracks from Pan complete the collection.

And very good it all is too. It’s available for the entirely reasonable price of (at least) £3.49 from the Gargleblast Bandcamp. Go on, you know you want to.

Not entirely unrelated 😉 is the 2011 Gargleblast Christmas Party at Gargleblast Studios this Saturday (10th) in Hamilton. Martin will be playing (not sure if it’s solo or with band) as well as live performances from other Gargleblast Records’ artists and friends. And after show DJs. This is limited to 50 people and available at the ridiculous, bargain price of £4.50 which also entitles you to a CD-R of Gargle Xmas 02. Tickets here.