So Far From Heaven – Grant Hart single

On his UK/European tour, Grant Hart has been selling a trailer for his forthcoming LP ‘The Argument’ in the shape of a 7″ single (with no middle). On the evidence of the two songs on the single (and indeed the other two songs played live) then ‘The Argument’ is going to be something to look forward to.

There’s a simplicity about the two songs on the record, something they have in common with a lot of Grant’s recent material. Played early on at last week’s Glasgow show A-side ‘So Far From Heaven’ is the one with a vaguely bluesy riff (and whistling which would probably have appealed to the late John Peel). The LP is based around John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ and that’s clearly reflected in the lyrical content of ‘So Far From Heaven’.

B-side ‘Morning Star’ wasn’t one of the new tunes played at the Glasgow show but it’s got a neat, but slightly eerie, keyboard with a simple refrain for the chorus.

Released on Con D’Or Records (as was previous LP ‘Hot Wax’), I’m not sure how you can get your hands on the single other than at the shows. It’s probably worth keeping an eye on the internet.

According to the single ‘The Argument’ is ‘soon to be released. Whilst we’ve heard that before from Grant, maybe 2012 will see the release of another Grant LP, which comparatively speaking will be hot on the heels of ‘Hot Wax’.

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