I know. I said that last week was going to be my only vaguely related Christmas post and within a week, I’m going back on that. So much for ‘Bah! Humbug.’

But the above video is newsworthy in that it’s the first new material from Withered Hand in over 2 years. I’d kinda of hoped that the follow up to ‘Good News’ might have appeared this year, since Dan was playing a fair number of new songs live last year, but no, it’s going to have to be a treat for 2012.

But you can get a copy of ‘Real Snow’ by subscribing to , deep breath (CTRL-V) F3NC3 R⅓CORDS’ CHART RUSE. Essentially a series of 3 7″ EPs over the course of the first 6 months of 2012, the first of which will feature more new material from Wiithered Hand. Do this before 16th December and you’ll get a copy of ‘Real Snow’ on mini-CD, with bonus Christmas card! Go here.

No Christmas tomorrow, I promise misery all the way …