For Edinburgh guitarist, Mikey Morrison, 2011 has been a year that started with an ending and finished with a beginning. His old band Come On Gang! released their debut LP and promptly split up after the launch show. After that it was onto new outfit the Bad Books, who on the evidence of the 6 songs I’ve seen them play live are absolutely a band to look out for in 2012. Here’s how Mikey responde to the MPT Inquisition:

Your Music

Your own Musical highlight of the year

Our highlight of the year has to be our first gig, in Nobles Bar in Leith. We were first on on a bill of solo acoustic players and we made it as loud as we could. Everyone we knew showed up and I’ve never seen Nobles so packed. We considered it such a success that we all agreed to play a second gig, rather than just make the whole thing a one-off.

Favourite performance of the year

For us this would probably be at Electric Circus supporting our good friends Cancel The Astronauts at their Seven Vices single launch. To date it is still our only gig in a proper venue, with luxuries like monitors and a soundman. Again first on, again we didn’t conform to the unspoken etiquette of what a ‘support act’ should do. There is video footage somewhere of Graeme walking along the bar with a megaphone…

What inspired you musically in 2011?

The 4 of us are from various other bands so, to be honest, we’re probably each just bringing our own thing to the party. We’ve really not all been in the same room long enough for solid influences to be drawn upon just yet.

What you gonna be doing next year?

Ah, good question! Without doubt we will be bringing our ridiculously loud drums to various venues across Scotland (if you ask us, we’ll almost certainly say yes) and releasing a wee bit of music into the world. For now we’re squirrelled away for winter to write, record and rehearse. We need to: we’ve only played together about eight times (and half of them were gigs).

Others’ Music

Song and/or LP of 2011?

Ooh, this is hard. I’ll be selfish with this one as the others aren’t here. For me it’s definitely factorycraft by FOUND. Blendbetter is a cracking tune.

Best gig attended?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was Cancel The Astronauts’ set at Homegame. Probably about 100 people crammed into a tiny upstairs pub room in Anstruther. The floor was properly bouncing from the first song to the last, with a wee stage invasion to end with – never been to a gig like it. Find the video online.

Who should we be looking out for in 2012?

Well I’m loving The Machine Room at the minute and really want to play a gig with them soon. And also Spook School too – great pop music. Saw The Douglas Firs for the first time last week and loved them, and also a particular new London band that you should check out – they go by the name Radials…

Anything and everything

Event of 2011

In a general sense it’s probably Homegame, why wouldn’t it be? The line-up was obscenely good and there were hunners of wee surprises throughout. On a totally selfish note though, I loved the last gig my old band played…it was pretty much my favourite thing ever.

Lowpoint of 2011

It’s been a good year, so it’s a toss-up between the PIAS fire, Y’all Is Fantasy Island splitting up and Kassidy being allowed to release music.

Hero of 2011

It can only be Johnny Lynch I’m afraid.

Villain of 2011

Hurricane Bawbag – the most deeply disappointing hurricane ever.

Something to look forward to in 2012?

Maybe losing a few festive pounds, or learning to bake a cake. Failing that, World War Z hitting the big screen…can’t f**king wait.

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