A brief note about yesterday’s Zoey van Goey family friendly Christmas matinee at Mono.

I only found out about it the other day but it seemed an ideal opportunity to get the kids out to another show, particularly MPK2 who’s not old enough to get into proper gigs.

It all went swimmingly. Zoey van Goey were at their most poptastic playing most of the up tempo pop tunes from their 2 LPs (and all of MPK2’s favourites) as well as encouraging audience participation on both ‘Sackville Sun’ and ‘Robot … TYRANNOSAUR!!’ There were a couple of Christmas tunes too including one by Bob Dylan and another sung by MJ partly in German. AND a cover of R.E.M.’s ‘Fall On Me’. Would have loved it if it had all gone on longer but plenty of fun was still had.

Two good support acts as well in particular Famous Dave and His Strange Blue Dreams. A lot of the time his set seemed to be fairly straight country but there were plenty of good tunes played with verve  by a good band. Nice.

Without Reason came across as far more reasonable than their name might suggest, although a couple of tunes did have darker undertones than the majority of the set. They still seem fairly young (particularly Skater Dude bass player) but had some decent tunes.

All in all it was a great afternoon even if after 30+ years of gig going for the first time ever I initially went to the wrong venue! Standing outside Stereo at about 2pm not knowing where the show was, it’s amazing how slow a phone internet connection can be!

The Zoey van Goey remix LP ‘Sexy Rave Eye Zooming’ is now available for free download if you don’t have a copy of the CD. Or, I suppose, even if you do.

Merry Christmas, Zoeys, and thanks for three very different but equally brilliant shows this year.

Without Reason

Famous Dave and His Strange Blue Dreams

Zoey van Goey setlist

1. Christmas song (part in German)  2. Little Islands  3. Fall On Me  4. The Cake and Eating It  5. You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate  6. Two White Ghosts  7. Sackville Sun  8. Foxtrot Vandals  9. We Don’t Have That Kind of Bread  10. Robot Tyrannosaur  11. It Must Be Santa

Will try and sort out the photos after Christmas!