2011 According to … TV21


It’s been TV21’s quietest year since they reformed with just 1 gig and a video for 1 new song to show for the last 12 months. So it was a slightly glum Norman Rodger who looked back on 2011 for MPT.

Your Music

Your own Musical highlight of the year?

Not really very many to choose from, as we only did 1 gig.

Favourite performance of the year?

As above, unfortunately, so that’ll be the Grassmarket Festival for the band but I finally got to play a gig with Troy Tate over the summer, so I’ll go with that.

What inspired you musically in 2011?

YouTube guitar lessons (honestly).

What you gonna be doing next year?

Hopefully playing better guitar.

Others’ Music

Song and/or LP of 2011?

Diamond Mine, King Creosote and Jon Hopkins, head and shoulders above anything else.

Best gig attended?

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins at the Grand Ole Opry, superb. Closely run by KT Tunstall solo show at the Liquid Room last month.

Who should we be looking out for in 2012?

I thought their first album was dreadful but live I was very impressed with Francois and the Atlas Mountains – new album due in January, I think.

Anything and everything

Event of 2011

Can’t really think of one…

Lowpoint of 2011

The fuss about the Royal Wedding or the fact that Margaret Thatcher still hasn’t died. Clarence Clemons dying.

Hero of 2011

The Frozen Planet photographers

Villain of 2011

Probably has to be David Cameron

Something to look forward to in 2012?

A better year than 2011 maybe?

Here’s a live version of’Girl On The Moon’ from the Grassmaarket performance, filmed by Malcolm McLean. I also filmed it but Malcolm’s version’s much better!

Previously on MPT

TV21 at the Grassmarket Festival.

Girl On The Moon video.