It’s been a good year for the short form releases this year. There have been some years when I seem to have hardly bought any singles or E.P.s but not 2011. Here’s the best baker’s dozen of releases (and I’ve not included the likes of Panda Su nor the Young Spooks …)

E.P. of the Year

50 Foot Wave – With Love From The Men’s Room

Simply the best Wave E.P. to date, this was Kristin and co at their exhilarating best. Actually Kristin’s only new release of 2011 but it’s so good that doesn’t seem to matter. And best of all you can download it legitimately for free. Go on. Do it. Then spread the word.

Chocolate single of the Year

FOUND – Anti-Climb Paint

What do you do with a chocolate single? Play it? Eat it? We did both – here’s the video of the first part at least.

And let’s not forget that, amid all the chocolate, that it’s a bloody great song from a brilliant LP. Probably band of the year. No, make that definitely. [Download] Fuck, I look old in that video!

Download single of the Year

Edinburgh School for the Deaf- Orpheus Descending

It’s inexplicable why they left one of their best songs off the LP and limited its release to only 200. Even more inexplicable was the fact that you could still get it for ages after release. But they’ve gone now. If the band lost a little momentum in the second half of the year following Kieran’s departure, then they appear to be regrouping for further sonic assualts in 2012. Can’t wait.

A live performance of the single from May – in the daylight:

Pop single of the year

Martin John Henry – Ribbon on a Bough

Who knew he had it in him? If Martin has previously more than amply demonstrated his mastery of the intense, ‘Ribbon’ showed an unexpected talent for the throway pop gem. And there were 2 cracking B-sides on the CD version as well – the “title track” from the brilliant LP (which isn’t on the record of couse) and the excellent ‘Woodilee Song’. If you want the CD though, they’re all gone. Download it instead.

Smash-able Keyboard Single of the Year

Mitchell Museum – What We Built

Is this cooler than a chocolate single? Perhaps (although I’ve NOT smashed mine yet!) Supposed to be a single to bridge the gap between the previous LP and the next one, ‘What We Built’ instead turned out to be their swan song. (sob) An amazing burst of adrenaline, the closest they ever came to capturing the energy of the live shows in the studio, with the requisite killer melody.

7″ of the Year

King Creosote/Kid Canaveral – Homerun and a Vow

A joyful collision of Mr Anderson and the Canaverals, the co-written A-side is an absolute joy. The B-side too sung by Kate isn’t half bad either and the emergence of new Kid C material (at last!)  promises great things for the second  LP. [BUY IT]

A live version of the song from London in black and white:

7″ of the Year (2)

Grant Hart – So Far From Heaven

Even a few weeks ago any thoughts of new material from the legendary Grant Hart would have seemed optimistic in the extreme. But, no, Grant was selling this little gem on his recent European tour and you can get it online here (or in Monorail in Glasgow). New LP in 2012? Bring it on!

A live performance of the song:

Split 10″ of the Year

Malcolm Middleton /River of Slime – De-Fence 10×10:08

New material from Malcolm Middleton – unbridled joy! And an intriguing slice of samplery from Kev from FOUND. The De-Fence 10″ EPs are always a little special in terms of material but this one definitely seems to be the most special so far. [Buy it]

3 Track CD of the Year

Cancel The Astronauts – Seven Vices

Not perhaps the most obvious single from the live set, yet still a cracking tune from a band visibly growing in confidence with almost each performance. The 2 non-LP B-sides perhaps best illustrate why that’s the case – 2 great songs amongst a whole slew of new material they’ve written this year. Indeed being so prolific seems to be a major threat to that LP ever getting finished. [Buy it]

Loud electro-rock E.P. of the Year

Birdhead – Talons

Birdhead are such a blast live, it seemed improbable that they could capture that on record. But no, with ‘Talons’ that’s exactly what they’ve done. And, good as the E.P. is, there were more great songs in the live set even back in August. And they’ve written more since. Their hopefully released next year debut LP is a cause for great excitement. Sadly, like several other things on this list, it seems to have sold out

.‘Goth’ E.P. of the Year

Vladimir – Vladimir

Not really goth but these loud young Dundonians took a lot of its best elements and fashioned an impressive debut 5 tracker. ‘Mellow’ is the highlight (and of course it’s anything but mellow) and with another release planned for early in 2012, next year may just be the year of Vladimir. [Buy it]

Song By Toad Records E.P. of the Year

King Post Kitsch – Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone

I liked a lot of what Matthew released in 2011 but nothing more than the King Post Kitsch E.P. A complementary release to the rather good album, other than the title track, all the songs on here weren’t on the LP. But they were just as good as the stuff that did make it. In fact, ‘Alaska’ might be even better. [Buy it]

The ‘Where The Hell Did That Come From?’ E.P. of the Year

Jill Birt – Still Life

Genuinely even more unexpected than a Grant Hart release was the debut solo EP from Triffid Jill Birt. Recorded with assistance from some of her band mates, ‘Still Life’ was a gorgeous, mainly gentle record which promised great things for her debut solo LP – only 20 years after the Triffids initially disbanded!