To be honest, there was little in the original Celtic Connections programme to excite me or at least sufficiently to warrant a trip from Fife to Glasgow. However there was the promise of 2 Chemikal Underground curated shows with line-ups to be announced.

Well, they’ve been announced and they feature (just about) all of the big guns.

Show 1 is on the 24th January and playing are FOUND, Malcolm Middleton (possibly as HDBA) and Rick Redbeard (Rick from the Phantom Band). [Tickets]

Mouthwatering as that is, it may be topped by Show 2 on the 31st featuring Emma Pollock, Zoey van Goey and Wounded Knee. [Tickets]

Both shows are at Brel (a venue I’ve never visited) and tickets are just a fiver. Can’t see me making two midweek trips to Glasgow on Tuesday nights but I need to go to one!

But the question is … which one?