After their excellent ‘Battleships and Kettle Chips’ EP and last year’s ‘Counting Sheep’ single I’ve been looking forward to an LP from Randolph’s Leap. And with ‘Randolph’s Leap and The Curse of the Haunted Headphones’, that LP has finally arrived.

Of all the Scottish indie/folk bands, Randolph’s Leap always seem one of the more folk orientated bands and that’s something that ‘RL&TCOTHH’ confirms. There’s very little rocking out to be had here (although is an exception) with the vast majority of the instruments being acoustic.

‘RL&TCOTHH’ is based on simple arrangements too. If some of their recent tracks were getting a bit expansive in terms of additional instrumentation  such as brass then ‘RL&TCOTHH’ strips everything back to basics.

The appeal of Randolph’s Leap lies in their catchy melodies and early on in ‘RL&TCOTHH’ they deliver those in spades. Even if there’s no ‘Counting Sheep’ or ‘As I Lie In The Mud’ , songs like ‘I Can’t Dance To This Any More’ or ‘Dying In My Sleep’ are as infectious as anything they’ve done previously.

But despite its wacky title ‘RL&TCOTHH’ is a more reflective release than the last couple of singles although there’s the quirky instrumentals ‘Level One’ and ‘Level Two’.  Recorded mainly in Adam’s bedroom it’s a little more lo-fi too.

If the LP has a fault it is that it runs out of steam a little in its second  half with a couple of tunes that drift by pleasantly enough but without making much of an impression.

Nevertheless if you’re interested in some contemporary infectious Scottish folk, then’RL&TCOTHH’ could well be for you.

‘The Curse of the Haunted Headphones’ is released on 20th February on the revived Peenko label with an LP launches at the Captain’s Rest, Glasgow (18th) and at Toad House next Wednesday. You should be able to pre-order the LP at their Bandcamp very soon.

Here’s the original version of one of the stand-out tracks on the album: