Hadn’t planned on posting today but since some good news arrived in  the Inbox today promising some genuine Manic Pop Thrills, I thought I’d share it with you straight away.

A little over 6 months ago Mitchell Museum announced that they were going on hiatus – if they were coming back at all. Well, today out of the blue, an email arrvied entitled “Finally Mitchell Museum have come back to Wrestlemania!” Fears that it was spam were unfounded.

Here’s the relevant section:

” We had to take a break for a while to re-group and work out what we do. We are a band that, like girls, just wanna have fun. We always had the most fun when we were playing, singing, writing and recording. So we have decided that is what we should be doing. And the encouragement we have got from so many people to continue making music makes us feel a bit ashamed we took so much time off.”

There’s a new line-up with Gavin Thomson (ex Findo Gask, grnr) joining Cammy, Raindeer and Kris in the band. They are currently recording demos for LP number 2 and here’s one to listen to:

Six months ago there was no-one quite like Mitchell Museum on the Scottish scene – that’s equally true today – so welcome back, guys, looking forward to catching you before too long.

With De Rosa back on active duty joined now by Mitchell Museum, 2012 is already shaping up to be a cracking year for quality reunions.