A brief trip over the Tay yesterday evening to catch a small part of ‘Isn’t Life Amusing’ at Drouthy’s. Specifically the Hookers for Jesus part with Andy and Graeme returning to where it all began.

I pretty much got downstairs to find HFJ ready to go. Given that the duo were almost halfway down the room, there were actually tables that were better lit than the performers.

The short Hookers set took in only four songs and illustrated the gradual move away from the largely “spoken word with backing tracks” approach of the early shows. More singing rather than speaking is definitely creeping in to the sets these days  (even if one is a cover).

So the first tune saw Andy narrating under a welter of dirty riffs from Graeme even if, unfortunately, a lot of the words were lost in the barrage.

The guitar was quieter  thereafter, allowing the vocals to be heard and even meriting comparisons to the post-punk cabaret Andy mentioned last night. As usual the Hookers  were out there in their own world, as intriguing as ever.

Stayed to catch a bit of the Shithawks, Dundee’s premier three-piece ‘shitrock’ band. The three songs I heard were all brief bursts of energy with serrated edges a bit like early KOL dragged through the gutter whilst on speed. I’d have like to have stayed longer but it’s a school night and home beckons. Even with Vex and Metal Rabies to come.

Kudos though to Mark Wildhouse for once again organising such a multi-band bill – maybe next time I’ll manage to stay a bit longer.