Will Have To Save That For My Dotage – Vic Godard interview part 2

Ahead of Vic’s Sunday night’s show at Beat Generator Live in Dundee Andy Wood completes his interview with punk legend Vic Godard.

Out of all the records that you’ve released over the years do you have any particular favourites. If so, why?

My favourites are always the ones I’ve been doing recently.

Oh Alright, ‘Go On Then’, with Catalan group Mates Mates, ‘Better Not Turn On’, with Georgio The Dove, and the two tracks recently recorded at Edwyn Collins’ Studio – ‘You Bring Out The Demon In Me’ and ‘Caught In Mid-Stream’.

How important is the internet and new media forms to established artists such as yourself these days?

It has been crucial to our re-emergence.

You mentioned last year that there was to be a documentary made about yourself by Graham Bendel, who made the documentary Billy Childish Is Dead. How is this progressing, if at all, and how do you feel about being the subject of a film?

The film is coming along well according to Graham, but it is a bit oversubscribed with blokeness, so I am looking for more female presence and am hoping to recruit my sister [my wife’s idea – don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself].

Do you ever hear from Bernie Rhodes these days?

I spoke to him a few months ago on the phone and he lives very close. I asked him to be in a documentary about me but he said no chance so that was that.

Have you ever contemplated writing an autobiography? Is this something that appeals to you?

Not really as I like reading in my spare time – will have to save that for my dotage.

What/who are your current favourite authors and books? Anyone you’d particularly like to recommend to our readers?

The last two I read I would recommend highly; Undine by Fouque and The Life of Moliere by Bulgakov. My other favourite writers are Hoffman,Gautier and Nerval and J.K Huysmans is almost up there as well.

Do you get much chance to view many films or much television? Again any favourites you’d like to recommend?

I wouldn’t recommend them but I like Family Guy, Homes under the Hammer, Eggheads and University Challenge.

In an earlier interview with Anna Battista you mentioned that there was only one promotional video ever made for you, which was by Douglas Hart (Jesus & Mary Chain). Which song was it and will you make it available on the website at any point as I’ve never seen it before and nor have many of the other Sect fans I speak to.

The video was for ‘Won’t Turn Back’, bits of it will be in the documentary but I don’t see why we couldn’t have it on the website at some time. There was a previous one done back in 82 for ‘Hey Now I’m In Love’ for a French TV channel, which we’re trying to track down.

I believe that you’re currently working on re-mastering the Songs For Sale album. How is that proceeding? Do you have a label involved in the re-issue or will it come out through your own label Gnu Inc?

It sounds great but we are only planning on doing it when we get the group back together for gigs. We have been in contact but Dave the pianist lives in America so we are hoping to do it to co-incide with his next visit here [whenever that may be]. It will be a Gnu Inc release.

A cheeky question, given how busy you are, but when can we expect a new album from you?

We have a new album available on CD called Live and Rare Volume 1, which has a variety of previously unreleased rarities. We have recorded two tracks off the 1979 Now set and are playing another two live, and will be learning the others whenever we have a day’s practice without a gig at the end of it.

Are there any current bands playing (old or new) who you feel affinity with? Do you think there is still  room in the music world for mavericks?

There are loads, and I have done songs with a lot of them like The Embassy from Gothenberg, and Mates Mates from Vic and of course The Sexual Objects. I am also into Apparat and Flo Fernandez from Germany and The Short Stories from Bristol. The Passage from Manchester is another favourite group of mine. All of these I would call mavericks.

How did you manage to be such a late convert to The Fall? Do you have a favourite album or period?

I remembered one of their songs from a gig I attended back in’78 at an East London Polytechnic. Then in October 2010 our Postal Depot moved from the place I had worked in since Summer ’86 to an Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Whitton. Trigger, my co-worker and ex-bassist asked me to commemorate the move with a song so I asked another postman Anthony Radwell who was a known Fall fanatic if he had the song to play to Trigger .He kindly brought in all his Fall albums and lent them to me. I don’t have a favourite period though as I don’t have the original sleeves.

How would you describe the current incarnation of Subway Sect to some poor soul who has yet to encounter you?

We aim to sound like The Foundations for a lot of the songs, but with lyrics derived from the European Romantic Books of the Nineteenth Century. We also still play our punk classics from the seventies and a selection from the album We Come As Aliens.

Part 1 of this interview

Vic Godard and Subway Sect will be performing three gigs in the Scotland towards the end of the month:

Friday 23rd March – The Accies Club, Glasgow (with the Sexual Objects) – Tickets £10 from Tickets Scotland and Monorail Records.

Saturday 24th March – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh (with the Sexual Objects) Tickets from Tickets Scotland, Ripping Records and the Voodoo Lounge and online here. On Facebook.

Sunday 25th March – Beat Generator Live!, Dundee (with Vladimir, Edinburgh School for the Deaf and The Creeping Ivies) – Tickets £8 advance (£10 door) from Groucho’s or online here. On Facebook.

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