The emusic subscription’s not working too badly so far this year. Even if it’s yet to turn up a classic then it’s at least provided some good 2012 albums.

My route to Disappears’ ‘Pre-Language’ was a little tortuous. They first appeared on the radar via the Sonic Youth Facebook page because Steve Shelley is currently drumming for them. A free track ‘Replicate’ sent me in search of the parent LP. On failing to get it, because it wasn’t out, I tried ‘Guider’ last year’s 6 track record. And wasn’t terribly taken with it.

But with that countdown on until the end of the month I decided to go for ‘Pre-Language’ on the strength of ‘Replicate’. And I’m glad I did.

It’s a big sounding record with the 9 songs driven forwards by a heavy rhythm section whilst the vocals owe more than a little to Mark E Smith.

It’s the guitars that make the record for me. There’s a simplicity that, at times, reminds me of Band of Susans at their most uplifting but whereas BOS specialised in glacial metal, Disappears dsipense more condensed, intense riffs.

The intro makes it clear that I don’t regard ‘Pre-Language’ as a classic. Ultimately that’s down to the songs which are more memorable for the guitars than for melodies. Which suggests that it would be great live.

But it’s a record that I’ll continue to listen to after writing this review and that’s not always the case with the emusic stuff.

So if you’re on the look out for something relying on rock dynamics for your thrills rather than songwriting then ‘Pre-Language’ might just fit the bill.

Buy it here.

Here’s one of the LP tracks ‘Joa’ shot live earlier in the year:

P.S. Decided to give’Guider’ another shot after listening to ‘Pre-Language’ a few times and surprise, surprise I enjoyed it quite a lot. In fact arguably it’s the more varied record.