Over In A Heartbeat – Cancel The Astronauts / Bad Books / Fuzzystar live

Cancel The Astronauts / Bad Books / Fuzzystar – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 24th March 2012

Not going to have much time tomorrow (today) so I’m just going to blast out a quick review of tonight’s proceedings at Sneaky Pete’s.

First up were Fuzzystar about whom I know very little. With a new band (including eagleowl’s Bart and Malcolm) Andy Thompson delivers a short set which ranges from the jaunty to the sad. As far as this writer’s concerned Fuzzystar strike absolutely the right note – a great start to the evening.

Most folk seem to be here to see the Bad Books who not only don’t have the element of surprise with this writer but actually have created serious expectations after September’s performance. Can they be as brilliant again?

Of course they can. It feels like it’s much more up tempo set this time around (with a couple of new tunes thrown in) but there are several instant classics already in the set. Particularly the opening and closing songs. I’m just as excited about this band as I was before the show – even more so in fact.

Thing is, singer Graeme clearly has a problem. Apparently it works fine in his bedroom but it seems that he just can’t keep it up in public as the same thing happened at the Electric Circus. His microphone, of course!

Cancel The Astronauts have a hard act to follow but they manage to do so by delivering quite possibly the most energetic set I’ve seen them play. Not much in the way of surprises (although the appearance of ‘Echoes of Love’ is a wee bit) but that doesn’t matter at all.

Talking of instant classics While I Was Sleeping’ (back closing the set) absolutely falls into that category and was absolutely superb. But it still wasn’t the highlight, which distinction goes firmly to a riotous version of ‘Intervention’ complete with Graeme Badbooks on megaphone to perform the ‘Over In A Heartbeat’ vocal.

So a great show with 3 wonderful bands. Here’s the video for the Intervention single: