The first official Human Don’t Be Angry single ‘The Missing Plutonium’ was released this week on Chemikal Underground. (BTW you can still get the HDBA Theme for free from Chemikal here).

Despite its rather ominous title ‘The Missing Plutonium’ is a jaunty little electronica instrumental. It’s a song that Malcolm has singled out to illustrate what HDBA’s all about, but certainly on the evidence of the full band live debut, it definitely lies at the poppier end of the HDBA range.

Coming closer to Errors rather than Mogwai , TMP mashes electronics with a nifty guitar hook to produce something quite far removed from the Middleton back catalogue.

B side ‘Whatsleft’ is much more reminiscent of the moody pieces Malcolm was playing solo live which isn’t surprising since it is in fact a live solo recording. So it’s a far more ambient and rambling piece than the pop electronica of the A-side.

The single is available on download only from the usual places and, of course, the Chemikal webshop.

‘The Missing Plutonium’ is taken from the forthcoming self titled Human Don’t Be Angry LP, released by Chemikal on 23rd April.

The LP will be available in the usual CD format along with a limited edition vinyl version available from your local record store for Record Store Day. There’s effectively an album launch at Mono in Glasgow on Record Store Day with a full band show in the late afternoon on 21st April.

More info and pre-orders here.