Felicity and Dave – Wedding Present LP review

It was that fallow period between Christmas and New Year. She knew he’d be there. He was astonished to see her.

“I didn’t think you’d remember me” she confessed. “there must have been so many others since, more passionate.”

They’d had a casual relationship over 20 years ago, you see, but it didn’t really mean much to her, even at the time.

Yet, that night, there was enough to remind her of the good times, at least, and they got on surprisingly well.

As they parted, Dave asked: “Look I’m going abroad for a while but I’d love to see you again when I get back in March.”

Felicity slightly surprised herself by replying in the affirmative so quickly. “Yeah, sure. It’s a date.”

In the intervening months her resolve to fulfil that promise never wavered even if her expectations seemed to assume a more realistic level.

On 19th March they met again and in fact continued to meet for several weeks afterwards. At times they actually managed to recreate the heady moments of the early days of their relationship and the intervening decades melted away. At times she even wondered if she’d made a big mistake all those years ago in letting him go.

But at least as often they already felt like they were going through the motions. They both knew that the crucial spark was missing.

Felicity realised that Dave actually hadn’t changed that much after all – he was a boy that refused to grow up. She knew that some girls would kill for that quality but equally she knew for certain that Dave wasn’t the love of her life.

They parted amicably. In fact, they’re probably friends now as a consequence of the last few months.

And unexpectedly, for both of them, it won’t be 20 years before they see each other again.

The first single from the album:


  1. James Clark says:

    Fantastic bit of writing Mike….really made me smile.

    I guess from the review that its yet another TWP album that is good in bits but fair-moderate in others. The last couple have felt that way and I’ve so far held off buying the new one for that reason. But I know I will get round to it.
    Mind you, still can’t wait for the ‘Seamonsters’ tour later in the year…..

  2. Thanks, Jim. Can’t imagine you won’t get something from the record though.

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